• - Providing advanced warnings
    - Seeing the threats before they see you
  • Thinking without boundaries
    Bringing insight to emerging global threats
    Proactive protection
  • Shifting through the noise
    Going beyond the 1s and 0s
    Bringing clarity to the unknown

Welcome to Actionoble the future of threat intelligence your first line of cyber defense

Actionoble is not focused on following industry trends, we are focused on plotting the course for the next-generation of threat intelligence platforms. We are blazing a new path to understand cyber threats in a more comprehensive and meaningful way.

We plan to accomplish our goal by using state-of-the-art technology and methods. Our plan also includes using the ultimate computer, the human brain to shift through all the noise generated by the technology to optimize the signal for you to make informed decisions based on solid intelligence.

Actionoble Resume

Our resume is continually evolving, because the threat landscape is constantly changing every second of everyday.
We strive on bringing our clients the freshest and the most actionable threat intelligence possible.


PriorSight strengths and capabilities

  • Automatically harvested and pre-analyzed information
  • Optimized and human-curated threat intelligence datasets
  • Enriched with additional security context - actors & campaigns
  • Forward-thinking and predictive intelligence
  • Industry-specific indicators of compromise
  • Ability to securely collaborate with others
  • Integrates seamlessly with internal security architecture

We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Products

We thrive on making Actionoble the most comprehensive and trusted threat intelligence provider in the world


Actionoble's team members are driven to identify and classify the threats that exist in cyberspace. This passion gives us the fortitude to not only work harder, but also smarter in our quest to provide actionable threat intelligence. We pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned for your organization, because your security is highly important to us.


Advanced technology allows Actionoble to be more aggressive in locating threat information and much more accurate in reducing the redundancy within this information. Our precision is continually being improved as we enhance our collection methods, modified algorithms, enrich threat actors corpuses and review our own internal processes.

Actionoble is headquartered in Asheville, which is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Asheville has a thriving high-tech community and the work–life balance in the region is in harmony, so that is why our founders chose Asheville for the company's headquarters, because living life is just as important to the founders as providing the best threat intelligence in the industry.
Actionoble's founders seek to improve the way threat intelligence is collected, analyzed, and shared. The founders believe that by improving upon these three core principles, the gap between discovering and mitigating that threat can be greatly reduced. Actionoble will accomplish this objective by using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies, enhanced automation techniques, state-of-the-art analytic tools, and out-of-the-box thinkers to curate higher-quality threat data related to cyber events.

We firmly believe in this philosophy, so all of our developers and analysts use our threat intelligence applications everyday. We hope that you join us in changing the way threat intelligence is used within your organization and the global community.
Actionoble provides Managed Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Monitoring, Threat/Actor Campaign Analysis, and Threat Intelligence tabletop exercises.
Actionoble uses a multi-prong approach to providing near real-time threat intelligence. First, our automated systems continuously scour sources located on the public internet and dark web for new information. Second, we monitor our deployed sensors for active attacks. Next, our technology analyzes and classifies the newly discovered information using natural language processing and machine learning techniques. Finally, our technology applies deep contextual analysis to convert the information into relevant and actionable intelligence for our clients.

Actionoble's technology never sleeps, so it does all this collection and analysis round-the-clock. Our technology can quickly provide your organization with comprehensive situational awareness and a greater visibility into emerging threats.
Our company lives and breathes threat intelligence. That’s what motivates our unbelievable team to over-deliver every day, for every client that depends on us.

Are you up for the challenge to make a difference? If so send us your resume.
Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.